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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Live From New York,
It's the McNabbs!

Or at least a couple of funny facsimiles. A Saturday Night Live skit on NBC had "Donovan" announcing he wanted Terrell Owens back. (Check the temperature in hell, somebody.) Next to him was his "Mama." Here's how the "news" conference went:

Donovan: I just want to say that I'm ready to put this whole ordeal behind me and concentrate on bringing this team back to the Super Bowl with Terrell Owens.
Mrs. McNabb: C'mon back, T.O.!
Donovan: Mama, we can win the Super Bowl without T.O.
Mama: Boy, you all can't win the warmups without T.O. He's the man!
Donovan: No, he was a distraction, that's all.
Mama: The only thing he was distracting you from was losing! We're through! Come back, T.O.! Come back, T.O.! (opening her white fur coat to reveal her No. 81 Terrell Owens jersey) Oh-ohhhh! Ohhhh! T.O.!
Donovan (trying to get her to close the coat): Come on, now, Mama, that's cold now!

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